Trolley Rucksack Bing It's Playtime

Bing - Trolley (backpack)

Meet Bing and his friends! Bing is a cute bunny who, together with his friends, experiences everyday adventures of a toddler. Take your boyfriend Bing on the road with this trolley backpack! This backpack is blue and has a front pocket, main compartment and two side pockets that can accommodate all your needed things. The boxes can be closed with a zipper. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length for extra comfort! If the luggage nevertheless becomes a bit too heavy, you pull out the telescopic handlebar and continue rolling the trolley backpack.


Lieferant PID: 820-0568
Abmessungen (HxBxT in cm) 28.00 x 38.00 x 16.00
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